Hey everyone! I am terribly sorry, but the public domain for Anify will be shutting down indefinitely. After a long road and a very successful journey, I have decided to shut down the frontend website indefinitely due to external circumstances. I don't feel comfortable giving people public access to pirated content, and the risk of a legal court case is too high for me to plausibly continue developing Anify. I have decided instead to make the source code open source with the aim to help others learn how to code. That may seem a bit strange considering that I am giving people the ability to develop their own anime websites, so in that case if the project becomes too successful I may make the code closed source again. However, Anify has taught me so much over the past few years that I want others to experience the same joy I had when learning how to code properly and create a clean code base. Anify has been a big part of my life and has helped me nurture my skills as a programmer enough that I hope others will learn from my mistakes and become a more successful programmer in their own way. With all that being said, you can access the GitHub repository via the Discord where you can ask for support and learn how to deevelop full-stack websites. Thank you everyone for the amazing experience and for supporting the website over the 3 years Anify has been up. I am sorry that I have to shut down this project, but all good things must come to an end at some point.

- Eltik

Credits/Additional Resources

  • Eltik - Project owner, full-stack developer

  • Consumet - Large inspiration for the project and provider support

  • Chouten - Where Anify will be going next!