Introducing Anify

The Ultimate Japanese Media Destination

Watch anime in HD quality, read manga seamlessly with easy-to-use features, catch up with your favorite light novels, and more all in one place.


Anify has gone through many recodes and redesigns to match and beat the best anime and manga websites out there.


Not happy with how Anify works? Change the settings for the via auto-skip-intro, long strip/single page, font size, and more in the settings menu on the reading/watch pages.


Thanks to the help of UX designers and beta testers on the Anify team, each feature is vetted to make sure each user has the best experience possible.

Community Based

Consistently Improved and Developed

Anify is built on the basis of tailoring each feature to what the community wants. Features are added based on what is popular and what is trending in the anime/manga/novel community.

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